The Business That Story Built podcast, hosted by Christie Bilbrey, shares how to identify what sets you apart from your competitors and how to confidently and authentically share that with the world. Your stories draw in your audience and keep them coming back for more of you and what you offer. In the business world, the top storytellers build the top businesses. Learn how to share your stories to powerfully grow your business.

Today’s episode discusses how brand storytelling helps connect your products and services to your customers, how email marketing enhances your business and builds the relationship between your business and its customers, and tips on understanding your customers and creating products for their needs.

Some top tips …

Create a story that resonates with your customers. Sales often lack a human connection, leaving customers feeling like it’s a one-sided relationship. Business owners should focus on connecting with their audience, confidently sharing how their products and services speak to their customers needs and desires.

Email marketing not only drives sales but it continues to nurture relationships between businesses and their customers. To speak more directly to your target audience, create customer personas to help you get inside the heads of your customers, identifying what they like, how to appeal to them, and most importantly, how your products or services will solve their problems or needs.

Many business owners fear that all emails must promote or sell a product and miss the opportunity to connect with their customers. By sending fun holiday emails, weekly newsletters, and emails educating them about a specific product, service, or feature, businesses show customers they genuinely care for them.

This episode at glance …

>> (9:50-14:38) Tips to connect more deeply with your audience by using emotion when speaking about your products and services

>> (14:38-18:00) How to come up with more content ideas to tell your brand story

>> (18:20-21:50) Two categories that will help the success of your sales

>> (21:56–-23:40) Tips and ideas to create content for email marketing

>> (23:46-26:23) How to start an email list with customer life cycle

>> (26:22-29:00) How to use email marketing to share a specific benefit of your product

Listen to the full episode here.