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What's Growth Branding?

When it comes to messaging, there are two styles most businesses use: direct response and branding. Growth Branding merges the emotion-evoking style of Direct Response with the powerful storytelling of Branding to spark immediate sales and help the long-term development of your brand and reputation.

Direct Response

This is a style of copywriting designed to get immediate sales that most "internet marketers" and "gurus" use. The problem is that it often comes off as too spammy when done incorrectly.


On the other end of the spectrum, you have the pie-in-the-sky, big picture style of messaging that tells a nice story, but doesn't inspire action or lead to immediate sales.

Our Methodology

Our Growth Branding Methodology provides you with a simple framework to increase sales by crafting a compelling Brand Story and applying that message to every piece of content you create.


Leverage the Power of Storytelling

A message is 22x more memorable when presented in the form of a story – likely because storytelling has been a central facet of the human experience forever. The most critical part of our methodology is creating your Brand Story that guides the narrative for all of your marketing.


Tap Into Behavioral Psychology

We don’t limit our strategy to B2B or B2C because business is a P2P game (people to people). We’ll show you how to tap into natural desires and biases all humans already have to create more urgency and perceived value for your Offer (no Ph.D. required).


Works for ANY Type of Media

The Growth Branding Methodology can be applied to any form of media – blogs, articles, videos, podcasts, press releases, etc. Whatever type of content you create or your audience wants, you’ll have the ability to share a message that resonates with your ideal customers.


No Spammy or Manipulative Tactics

Most sales tactics that promise to perform mental judo on your prospects typically come off as spammy at best and manipulative at worse. That’s not our style – we prefer to communicate in an authentic way that makes it easier for people to know, like, and trust you.

Growth Branding is Perfect For

Business Owners Who Lack Marketing Expertise

You don’t have to be a copywriter or a marketing expert to craft a compelling message and to create highly-engaging content.

Marketing Agencies, Consultants, and Copywriters

We now have a wide variety of marketing agencies and teams who use our system to create and execute content strategies.

Content Creators and Online Advertisers

If content marketing is a core part of your marketing strategy, you know your message matters, and what you say can make a big impact on your bottom line.

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Go through a 14-point checklist to ensure you have a consistent Brand Story narrative on your website and in your marketing.

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Three ways to elevate your brand

Whether you just need to polish up your message or you’re looking for a complete brand makeover, we’ve got you covered.

The Masterclass

Learn our growth branding methodology and do it yourself

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Step-by-step instructions to create your Brand Story

Online video course to learn the methodology

Bonus content frameworks to put your message in action

The Workshop

Let one of our experts guide you through the process

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Work one-on-one with an expert to create your Brand Story

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Brand Overhaul

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